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Cary Ravitz
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My Web Pages

My blog, started on Oct 20, 2017 - Notes about the World

Another Clay Pigeon - Contra Dance Band
Buzzstep - Contra Dance Band
Cary Ravitz - Contra Dance Caller
Cary Ravitz - Home Page
Contra Dances by Cary Ravitz (includes dance tunes)
Micro Robot Dance | test version
Notes on Calling Contra Dances
Notes on Choreography for Duple Minor Improper Contra Dances
Tips on Being a Better Contra Dancer

Ravitz Editor Win32
Ravitz Software
Ravitz Violin Shoulder Rest

Contra Dances by Mike Boerschig
Swing Shift - Lexington/Berea KY - Contra Dance Weekend
Dance Trance - Lexington KY - Contra Dance Weekend
Darlene Underwood - Home Page
Lexington Traditional Dance Association
Miscellaneous Contra Dances
Notes on Composing Contras by Al Olson
Paintings by Ruth Ravitz


Software That I Use

Android 8 phone

Alarm Clock Beyond - alarm clock, countdown timer, with ramp up alarms, automatic dismiss
Apk Extractor - saves the APK (install) file from an installed app, letting you reinstall it if you don't like an update
AppLock - password locks apps
File Manager + - File Manager with FTP
CalenGoo - calendar, syncs with Google calendar
Cleartune - musical instrument tuner
Contacts Sync Fix - fixes broken Google contacts so that they will sync
Free42 - HP calculator
Fake GPS location (Lexa) - fakes your GPS location so that you can more easily use mapping software to explore that area
live BPM - measures musical beats per minute
Lux Auto Brightness - screen brightness control
Make Your Clock Widget - customizable clock widget, displays time/day/date/alarm time, can invoke any app
My Stocks Portfolio & Widget- with clear update time and % change
Nova Launcher - flexible personalized home screen (app launcher)
SSHelper - SSH server for secure file transfers via SSH or SFTP
Textra - messaging
True Phone - contacts and dialer, handles groups, map/copy address, turn off photos in list



M* Symbol Lookup

Yahoo Profile
    M* Profile
Yahoo Quotes   (defaults - Dow,S&P,Nasdaq,small cap,foreign,real estate,bonds,gold)
Stockcharts Compare
Some conservative mutual funds to consider (I am no longer following pure stock funds or international funds).
    US bond - dodix, lsbrx, vcorx
    US balanced - dodbx, mapox, prwcx, vwelx, vwinx
    global bond - lsglx
    global balanced - rpgax, vgwix, vgwlx

Note that M* year to date numbers are updated daily and the graphs include reinvested distributions. Other summaries typically update monthly or quarterly and the graphs are share price, not total value with reinvested distributions. Yahoo summaries include total expense ratio, turnover, yield, investment philosophy, and management information in a simple page. M* has a lot more information, but it is not as easy to find the basics.

Stockcharts compare includes reinvested distributions for mutual funds.

Mutual Fund Observer
my blog post on investing, more on investing


Miscellaneous Links

All Music Guide
Automobiles - Autopedia | CarConnection | DealerRater | Edmunds | Informed For Life (safety)
Internet Acronyms
Musical instrument catalogs - Music123 | Shar Music | Southwest Strings
National Do Not Call Registry
Rocks - Heather Canyon
US Federal Budget | Debt Clock
US Patent Search
Violin forums - Fiddle Forum | Fiddle Hangout | Maestronet Instr | Maestronet Play | Violinist
Violins - Fiddler Magazine | Gianna Violins | Maestronet | Strings Magazine

Useful Products
Drop Stop
Nimbus toothbrushes
Musician's Hearing Protection - Etymotic | Westone
Quiet PCs and components
Trakline belts

Internet Links maintained by Cary Ravitz
Bartleby Books Online | Reference Books
Bing Search
Bug Me Not - Bypass WWW Registration
CNN News
CBS News
FindLaw Law Search/Directory
FirstGov Government Search/Directory
Fox News
The Free Dictionary | Thesaurus
Google | Language Trans | Maps | News
Internet Archive
Librarian's Index to the Internet
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
NIST Time Widget
Nolo Law Information
Reseller Ratings
USA Today
Weather Channel
White Pages Phone Book
Wikipedia Encyclopedia | Dictionary
WolframAlpha Information
Yahoo | Maps | Stocks
ZAP2it TV listings
Zip Code Lookup



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